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As a modern man, I understand the importance of looking your best to feel your best. That’s why I’ve devoted the last two years to developing the perfect self-tanning lotion for guys like me, so my fellow men can experience life feeling as confident and handsome as they deserve with ease. 

This product was built from a place of dissatisfaction. After scouring the market, I couldn’t find a good product that provided a moisturizing tan without the price of unpleasant odors, messy applications, uneven tones, and oddly glossy finishes. After seeing what was out there, I decided to take things into my own hands to develop something worthy. 

I set out to work, collaborating with expert chemists and dermatologists to develop a tanning lotion specifically tailored to the needs of male skin. After years of hard work, Tandsome was born – a lotion that glides seamlessly on the skin, providing the perfect even tan, and leaving behind a pleasant, masculine scent that men can wear with pride.